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A complete range of professional Accounting & Business Support Services designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Accounting Services


Why not out source those tedious and laborious tasks to experts who know what they are doing. Donít burn the midnight oil or worry about meeting deadlines or facing penalties. Not only will we take on the task, however great or small, weíll own responsibility for ensuring the information you need is made available on time, every time, with the minimum of fuss.

  • Payroll Services
  • Construction Industry Scheme
  • PAYE/ NI Returns
  • VAT Returns

Accounts Preparation

We can assist you to produce Management & Financial Accounting Information or to verify the quality and accuracy of your own work. We work for Sole-Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies Non-profit making organisations, Clubs and Societies.

Our work is always to a high standard and completed on time.

We help interpret the meaning of Management & Financial Information so you can make more informed decisions.

Reducing the Burden

As Chartered Accountants we want at all times to offer relevant services to our clients and help reduce the administrative burden on you and your business. You can rely on us to help when it comes to meeting deadlines and getting that important Accountancy work and Business Planning done. Donít put it off, trust it to us.

Company Secretarial

We provide a range of services including the attendance and reporting of meetings, the filing of Financial Statements, share transfers, annual returns and other information.

Business Services

Accountancy services are evolving. Itís no longer acceptable to find out too late how well you have been doing. Technology has increased the speed at which the World works. Investment decisions are made or lost instantaneously. Itís vitally important you operate accurate and robust systems that provide you with the information you want, when you need it.

  • System reviews to maximise the benefits from your Management & Financial Data
  • Timely completion of accurate and relevant Management Accounting & Financial Information.
  • Strategic Planning with well informed Executives for better decisions
  • Profit Maximisation, avoiding costly mistakes and errors
  • Cash Flow Forecasting and Management to get the best from your resources
  • Hands on Professional support to help your own team at times when you need it most

Taxation Services

Within the Law we provide you with advice to plan Personal and Business finances tax efficiently to meet your priorities.

  • Company Tax advice to ensure compliance and make the most of your Business Investments.
  • Personal Tax compliance to ensure timely payment of all taxes due, avoiding penalty and having regard for all allowances.
  • VAT Accounting requirements fulfilled with proper record keeping, timely submissions and specialist advice for more complex maters.
  • PAYE / NI compliance, ensuring payroll returns are accurate and properly maintained. Out-source this to us and let us take your un-paid tax collector duties off your hands.
  • Tax Investigations can be a testing time when professional support is needed to understand and deal with HMRC enquiries, so they donít take your focus away from your daily responsibilities and key tasks.
  • Capital Gains Tax planning to ensure that you only pay what is required by Law, it pays to know what allowances you are entitled to.
  • Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning can provide for good continuity plans and avoid leaving problems to those that succeed you.
  • Retirement or Investment Planning to make the most of your retirement by careful planning and prudent Financial Management during your employment years.
  • Family earning and Income Planning to know how to extract most tax effectively your earnings as Salary, Bonuses, Benefits, Drawings or Dividend.

Other Professional Services

  • Accountancy advice to other Professionals, particularly Dentists, Chartered Surveyors, Valuers & Letting Agents amongst many others.
  • In addition to providing the usual range of Business Accountancy we offer other Professionals a support service, calculating or verifying complex calculations, providing expert advice.
  • As a firm of Chartered Accountants we have access to a network of other professionals, experts and specialists.
  • Charities, Clubs and Societies all benefit from our involvement with verification of record keeping and professional advice in compliance with the Regulations

Whatever your Accounting or Business Needs you can rely on Salway & Wright.